5 Personal Stories To Awaken Your Inner Connection

Story 1 – Awakening of Intuition.

Intuition is the inner voice present in all human beings. Still, during the spiritual journey, you get the chance to awaken it. But you need to be alert and focus on your inner self. Do you need to know who you are? Yes, A soul. And, by accepting reality, you will start connecting with your inner self. 

My story will sound strange that I will share with you. When I used to study during exams, I used to get the intuition of which questions would most likely appear in examinations, and I was an average kid. It happened to me numerous times, and I started to see those patterns. Remember, intuition is part of the universe, and the universe will always reply in patterns. It will help if you grab those patterns. 

Though I was aware of the pattern and was confused that it might be thoughts and maybe I am assuming too much, but as I said, it was intuition. I was confusing it with thoughts. 

I finally cleared my intuition when I was giving entrance to CA during my first year of BCom. I got an intuition that there will be a theoretical part that will reflect in accounting. Most of my friends told me that it would be a numerical part that was a fact about accounting. So, I changed my focus from theoretical to numerical, and there, I made one big mistake. 

Today was the day of the examination, where I was prepared with the numerical part. But I was stunned when I saw the examination paper. The accounting part came up with 75% of theoretical questions, which I was unable to answer. But I realized one thing that day: intuition exists, and I have grabbed that thing.  

Story 2 – Call of Brahma Muhurta.

There is a specific time zone from 3:30 am to 5:30 am; this time is known as Brahma Muhurta. So, how does this time connect with the inner self? This time zone is powerful in itself. Just spending your time in this period will make you highly productive and could provide your unsolved question’s answers. 

This time zone is so powerful that your wishes and prayers will be effective 10x times, and of course, the belief should be strong enough. 

There were times when I didn’t sleep at night because I had no work and was finding a job as a freelancer; there were times when I didn’t know how things would turn out to be? There were times when I was confused, and I couldn’t sleep at night because of that. I used to overthink, but to my surprise, I realized that I was getting answers to my questions at a rapid speed between 3:30 am to 5:30 am. I knew about this concept for a long time but was not aware of the time zone. 

Moreover, I used to get new ideas and solve most of the problems during this period.

Suppose you want to connect with your inner self. In that case, this time zone could be effective as you can use it by doing meditation or spending time with yourself to understand who you are. 

Then realized why many leaders wake up early in the morning to make use of the Brahma Muhurta.

Story 3 – A Gateway To Inner Self – Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dreaming feels like an absolute dream where you will find everything authentic. Still, those dreams will reveal your personality and things; you have to change within yourself. 

Understanding lucid dreams is a challenging task. Firstly, you need to remember your lucid dreams. Otherwise, you cannot decode it. Those dreams come in a puzzle, and you need to understand those dreams with your current situation and interpret it. Many websites provide the meaning of your lucid dreams. Still, everyone can be accurate as it wholly depends on your situation. 

Decoding your dreams will help you understand where you are lacking in your real-life and improve yourself. 

Doing meditation could help you remember your lucid dreams and even the dialogues you had in your lucid dreams. I had done meditation for two years, and then only I could remember the conversations from my lucid dreams and decode it. Yes, some of the dreams are still mysterious and undecoded. 

Story 4 – Be In The Present Moment.

To connect with your inner self, you have to feel the present moment; this time should be only yours. I am sure everyone has work to be completed. It could be either assignment from school, work from the office and handling startups or businesses but there should be one hour which you should give to yourself. Just enjoy yourself and feel the present moment while understanding yourself. 

I am sure you will relate this with me as I was on the same level. I was very strict that I should be the perfect one at every stage of my life. Still, when I started connecting with myself, I understood everything is not in your control, and some things happen. You cannot stay forever in your past or overthink about the future as you do not have control over any of them. But you hold the control for the present moment. So better utilize the present moment and strengthen the future. 

There are so many things where we get stuck and don’t forgive ourselves or others. But when you come into the awareness of the present moment, you will feel everything is in the moment itself. Forgiving others and yourself will give you peace and strengthen your bond, which you have been missing for a long time. 

You will start getting happy and will enjoy the little things in life. You will be grateful for the things you have, and believe me, miracles will start coming in your way because you are happy and at peace with yourself. No one loves to be around negative ones as positive ones provide healthy vibes. 

Story 5: Think Positive To Heal Yourself.

Why do people keep on saying think positive and how it is helpful? I was always curious about the question and never got the answer from my mom. But the question remains the same every time. Until that day, I had a cell phone in my hand and the internet. 

I started searching the question list. So, I came across the work of “Nikola Tesla,” which was about understanding the vibes and you will understand the universe. After reading numerous blogs, I understood that the whole universe is made of vibes, and we all are energies. 

So, what a positive thought could do here? Positive thinking could generate positive vibes around your surroundings and manifest your surroundings according to you. The negative thoughts are way too powerful compared to positive ones. So, when you keep thinking positively without the interference of negative thoughts, it starts working. And, here you begin manifesting your dreams. 

Moreover, how could your thoughts generate powerful vibes? You see, our body is made up of 30 trillion cells, and they all live inside your body which creates vibes according to the thoughts you create inside your mind. It depends on you; your cells will do the same if you make positive or negative thoughts. 

The reason why people say to be positive and those thoughts affect your body too. Sometimes, you come across those people, you start feeling great, and sometimes, you don’t feel like going near the people. It’s all because of the thoughts they create in the day-to-day of their life. 

Understanding your thoughts will help you to identify who you are and where you are going. 

It will help you to awaken your inner connection and make your bond stronger. 

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