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Hello there! I am Mayur and I am a kind of spiritual person and started doing yoga at the age of 12. I am also a content writer.

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I have been an HR professional and have been handling my Instagram pages for Spirituality and Yoga. I started the website in the mid of 2020 as my story goes back to when I was 12 years of age. 

At the age of 12, I started doing yoga and when I reached an intermediate level, I needed a guru who can teach me though I read somewhere that while doing yoga, your mind should be at focus state and where spirituality begins and then and there, the journey of my spirituality began.

5 years back, after doing continuous 2 years of meditation – I had reached a stage known as “Blue Pearl” in meditation.

This website is more focused on yoga and spirituality as I have my personal experience in it. Though I am not a yoga expert I am at an intermediate level. But I had a lot of personal experience regarding spirituality and I will be sharing the experiences which will benefit all of you.

I had always believed that everyone you meet in life, there is always something we can learn from. Life teaches us so many things and these things are related to spirituality, connecting with everyone.

This is my first website which is online on the internet and I didn’t know anything that how things will go but I learned and still hope to meet those people with whom I can grow and help people along the way.